My bootcamp is a constantly changing dynamic workout which includes sports specific drills, resistance and body weight exercises boxing and core strengthening. My wokouts are a mix of elements of crossfit, pump martial arts and sport specific training sessions combined to give you a dynamic hour of heart pumping, muscle shaping and a fat shredding workout!!

Exercises are performed in a circuit at high intencity for a short period – then a quick recovery break before we perform the next circuit and so on. The workouts are intense but you will be monitored closely to ensure your going to your limit but not beyond it. If an injury and/or fitness level is a concern don’t worry I will be there to modify the workout for each individual ensuring maximum results and minimal injury.

just $15 per session pay as you go

My dynamic hardcore workouts will produce the results you crave!!!
All you have to do is show up!!! But that is often hardest step

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Private sessions

Not confident enough for a group session then this session is for you? This program is specifically designed to maximise your ability to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

It allows me us to focus on exercise and activities (drills) that you enjoy and minimise the ones you dont this increases your motivation to train allowing for increased performance and results.

Sessions -one private session $90 per hour

                     -5 pack-$400($80 per session)

                     -10 pack-$600($60 a session)


Pairs & small groups

This group session is great as it provides an opportunity for friends, collegues and partners to schdule quality time together in and increase their health and fitness without eating into their already crowded diaries.

It also provides motivation and competition to achieve better results. Its also great for feedback as i find friends hold no punchs!! If your not training hard or looking sloppy they will let you know very quick adding even more motivation.

Sessions from $40 per person for 1 hr


Corporate groups

Fitness training sessions are great for team buliding It helps teams work together more efficiently and adds team morale and creates greater bonds within the teammates.

A company supported fitness program has been proven to increase productivity and lower absenteeism in the work place. It’s also a great way for employers to show employees that their contribution to the company is appreciated and employee health is a priority. Increasing job satisfaction, employee recruitment and retention are other benifits to a company supported wellness program.

Sessions from $10 per person for 1hr


Open group sessions

These session are open for all. Its pay as you train and allows you to train at your convienience. Everyone and anyone is welcome. It’s a high intensity dynamic workout for all ages and fitness levels its great for weight loss, toning, all around fitness and socialising

Sessions from $15 per person. First session free so bring a friend or 2 to try

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Indoor bodybuilding/toning

I also provide private sessions in gyms around sydney with the primary focus of tonning up or muscle gain(men)with high intensity muscle punishing workouts in the gym to build muscle and trim the fat for greater definition.This is a great one two punch with either your own cardio training or my outdoor fitness sessions.

Sessions from $70 one on one, pairs $90