Gallery & Testimonials




“I’ve been training with tad for the past 3 yrs. My fitness has reached new heights and my body has transformed! I highly recommend tad not only is he an exceptional trainer but a great mate too! He guides me in every aspect of my health. Thanks Tad” Ross
“I hate working out! But I have to say, that all changed when my family & I started with you. You pushed us at our own paces while making us feel 100% comfortable. I can’t believe it but I now love to work out & look forward to the fresh air!” Daniella
“I’m the fittest I’ve ever been i only wish i started with tad sooner. Try the Coogee sessions on Sunday they’re a killer” Pete
“It isn’t easy, but it works!! Tad’s dynamic approach to both fitness & self-motivation has driven me to achievements I never thought possible – including completing my first ever half marathon. Training outdoors is the only way to go!!” Janette
“Working out with you twice a week changed my view on life for the better. I became more energetic, my enthusiasm levels went through the roof and I now enjoy going for long walks with my wife. Your workouts were very demanding, but very doable. The fact that you allowed me to design some of the routines made it all the more interesting and exciting ….. you allowed me to do what I felt comfortable doing. BEST OF ALL – I lost 14 kilos (that’s right – 14 kilos) over a period of 10 weeks whilst working out with you. Thank you again for your high level of enthusiasm. Looking forward to our next series of workout sessions!” Joseph
“After over two and a half years I have done three corporate triathlons and two City2Surf’s. I am fitter than I was at eighteen!! I could not have done it without Tad’s encouragement, patience and commitment. Despite very early mornings, injuries and a car accident, I still crawl out of bed at dawn and feel great an hour later.” Jen
“My main aim for working with a personal trainer was to increase my fitness and lose weight. While only training with Tad one day each week, I’ve managed to achieve great results – fast! Tad’s training style is progressive, diverse, motivational and highly effective. I enjoy the mix of boxing, sprints / running, weights and abs – you really get a true workout each session. Thank you for pushing me beyond my limits Tad!” Sarah
“I cannot recommend Tad highly enough as a Personal Trainer. From day one he has helped me to set realistic, attainable goals and I have always found our sessions to be challenging and fun. Perhaps just as importantly Tad cares passionately about all of his clients and is always prepared to go the extra mile in terms of listening to and accommodating their needs.” James
“I lost 9 kg, increased my bench press from 50 pounds to 80 pounds and for the first time in my life I ran 10 km!!! All this in just 10 weeks!!” Nick
“I lost 35kg in 5 months and doubled my strength at the same time” Sam
“In just 6 weeks i took 9min off my Blackmore’s 9km run. Thats a min k.thanks tad” Belinda
“Since i started training with tad almost a year ago I feel 10 yrs younger, my body feels strong and my mind is clear and stress free” Pete