Boot Camp


My boot camp is a constantly changing dynamic workout which includes sports specific drills, resistance and body weight exercises boxing and core strengthening.

My wokouts are a mix of elements of crossfit, pump martial arts and sport specific training sessions combined to give you a dynamic hour of heart pumping, muscle shaping and a fat shredding workout!!

Boot camp exercises are performed in a circuit at high intencity for a short period – then a quick recovery break before we perform the next circuit and so on.

The workouts are intense but you will be monitored closely to ensure your going to your limit but not beyond it. If an injury and/or fitness level is a concern don’t worry I will be there to modify the workout for each individual ensuring maximum results and minimal injury

My dynamic hardcore workouts will produce the results you crave!!!
All you have to do is show up!!! But that is often the hardest step

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